Singer To Songwriter Schedule


What to Expect

Every Tuesday, a workbook will be emailed to you to complete at your convenience.

The workbook should be complete before our next group coaching session.

There will be 3 opportunities to meet during the week. See details below *Subject to change

Teaching Tuesdays*

1:00PM - EST

This is when we will meet to dig into the lessons that we will be growing, and transforming in over the 8 weeks.

Either myself or a special guest will be teaching during this time. 

Attendance will be mandatory for your success in this course. Live is best, but you can watch the recording if you miss it. *Occasionally On Mon/Wed

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Workshop Wednesdays

Every so often I will make myself available on Wednesdays for Q&A or to workshop with you something that we are growing in that week. 

We will choose the best time for this together.

These sessions will also be recorded.


Faith Fridays

Wheeeew! We can do nothing without Faith!  The trouble is, most of the time we have faith in the wrong things and we don't even know it!

On Fridays I will make time to join together with you in faith and prayer over your vision, your obedience, your family, your peace. Whatever it is, we will come together as a group and pray.

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1 on 1 Session

I will schedule a 1 on 1 session with each of you to offer support, go over technique or talk about whatever you want.

This is a perfect time to be safely vulnerable and get as much as you can.

Current Course


Meet & Greet and Overview

Finding Your Confidence

Identify Audience/Find Song's Purpose

Basic Building Blocks/Finding Your Style

Meet Your Producer

Recording Your Vocals


1 on 1 With Kirosha

Facing Feedback

Mon: January 17th

1 on 1 With Producer


Copyright, Networking, Promotion


Tues: January 18th

Tues: January 25th

Wed:January 26st

*Mon:January 31st

Tues: February 8th

Tues: February 15th

Tues: February 22nd

Tues: March 1st

Mon: March 7th

Next Course

Start date: April 5th 2022

End date: June 6th 2022

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