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Kingdom Voice & Music (KVM) mission is to radically transform the Praise & Worship culture of the global Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church any other desiring Christian church through educating it's members and it's talent on the true power and purpose of praise & worship for transformation and evangelism for the Kingdom.

Well, what does that mean exactly? In simple terms, we help SDA churches revitalize their worship service by developing or reviving a culture of worship through music in its purest form. We do this through education, special groups, and events. 


Music & Worship has ALWAYS been a touchy subject and is usually avoided at all cost. In our observation, the cost is way too high. Churches are dying for lack of knowledge, vision, or resources when it comes to the music which research has shown to be a key in a healthy thriving church. 

If you have felt the deep frustration of witnessing a service where music seemed to have been and afterthought or an empty masterpiece, where the congregation doesn't sing, or the songs don't seem to have any power or intent...

You might have been gifted the burden change. 

Join us in this movement to wake up true worshipers before the Lord. We need teachers, worship leaders, content creators, videographers, accountants, event coordinators, web designers, and more! 


"Here I am Lord, send me"
Isaiah 6:8

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Worship leaders

Content creators



Event coordinators

Web designers

Join the KVM Team

 Please let us know why you would like to join KVM. 

I understand the KVM is currently in a grassroots stage and this position is mainly volunteer for the time being. 

Team members may receive pay as sponsors/contracts are obtained. 

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