Praise On Purpose

This workshop can include: 

History of Music in the church

Cultures and Clashes

Why people don’t sing along

Song choices

Song Structure

Letting the Spirit Lead

Praise Leading & Following

Warm ups/ Blending

Technology Transformation


    Virtual 1 hour seminar - $329

    Virtual Full Day conference/workshop $1297

    Live 1 hour seminar $599 + Travel

    Live Full Day conference/workshop $1997 + Travel

We get it, you’re singing your heart out, you practice for hours, you try singing new songs, or just sticking to the old ones. No matter what you do,

People aren’t connecting.

They aren’t worshiping.

The team is not together.

It seems like there is something missing.

You need something that...POPS!

Introducing Praise On Purpose (P.O.P.)

A multi session workshop for praise teams and praise leaders who want to dig deeper into the anatomy of worship, the science of intentional planning, and the craft of leading and following praise on purpose.

Praise on Purpose

is just what you need to get your team praising IN purpose and ON purpose! 

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