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“I was extremely pleased”

As a singer, it’s easy to express almost every emotion with music and singing so naturally after a bad break up, I wanted to sing about it. But my biggest problem is, I don’t know how to write a song. One day, I was watching TV & words, in the form of a poem, just came to me. I reached out to a friend of mine & asked if the poem could be turned into a song. He hired Kirosha to get it done. When I heard the rough draft of this creation, I was extremely pleased. “Evicted” was everything I wanted & needed. It embodied the emotion that I wanted to portray and had a nice groove to it. Although I have not recorded or produced the single as yet, I would definitely love to work with Kirosha in the future

Ani Love -Poet


“Sublime and Inspiring”

Praise & Worship

Kirosha led the praise team for this year’s virtual, annual Leadership Training Convention. Her music was very sublime and inspiring. It was a blessing for the event. We have called on her ministry to participate in several events throughout our department in the past as well.  I admire her good disposition and the passion that she feels for music. She's also very responsible and mindful with her choices.  Kirosha, may God direct your ministry to His honor and glory!

Pastor Daniel Velez - Youth Director, SNEC

“The Kids Love it”

Kirosha helps us write our theme songs for the kids. Every time she blows me away with how incredible her skills are! Her music is always so well put together, catchy, and the kids love it! I hope to work with Kirosha on many more projects in the future and be amazed by her talents for years to come

Naomi Tanatty, Camp Program Director


“The Total Package ”

Can easily find words and music” "When I first met Kirosha at a worship leader certificate program, we instantly clicked. It wasn't long before we were writing and creating music together. She is able to transcend different styles of music and can easily find words and music that help enhance the quality and diversity of the song. Her beautiful and powerful voice has a way of reaching deep into the heart to convey a message of Hope via her interpretation of each song. She has a gift with music that not everyone has and a heart for God and others that makes her the total package. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with her and/or use her music and services for your ministry, you will be greatly blessed by her disposition and talent

Jennifer Sanabria, CEO-JS Music LLC

Singer Songwriter

Knows exactly how to connect

“Working with Kirosha as a praise leader has been a blessing. She knows exactly how to connect to the audience. She is able to improvise and feel the mood of the congregation helping them to move into a place of worship. She has great musicality and a beautiful voice. She makes it easy for the congregation to engage in her praise sets and demonstrates a deep understanding that worship is about the collective meeting and praising God, and not about creating an individual concert experience.

Praise & Worship

lana Joyce Cady, music director

“Versatile and Efficient

“Kirosha’s wide vocal range and sharp musical ears make her versatile and efficient when recording background vocals.  Her understanding of musical harmony and her ability to retain information make every session smooth and pleasant. Kirosha is the musician’s musician!”

Vocal Recording

Junior Boateng, CEO/Engineer

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