Singer To Songwriter Roadmap


What is the Singer to Songwriter Roadmap?

Singer to Songwriter Roadmap is a 8 week live group coaching program for established singers who want to write and record their own original music, position themselves as recording artist, and create ministry and income opportunities. If you’ve been a singer, feeling  called to minister as an artist, but have trouble writing songs, it is time to answer the call.


Finish with a fully produced song!

Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll work with me, Kirosha, to not only write your amazing song, but also record it and have it ready to share with the world. You’ll learn how to build your confidence, write a great song from start to finish, work with music producers to get a quality product and more! Have a finished product in your hands to share, promote, and start your artist journey. 


Go from feeling trapped at your local church to having the tools, guidance, and resources to step out into your calling.


Who is this for?

Talented singers who want to finally step into purpose, write powerful quality songs they know lie within them and actually create the key to ministering outside their church walls. This program will work for you if you’ve started writing but haven’t been able to get songs right, or even get them done, or you want a finished product to motivate organizations to include you in their programs. Singer to Songwriter Roadmap is for singers who want to rise up and answer the call


***Participants must have the ability or access to record their own vocals***

Program includes training, coaching, and production, mix & mastering of one song.


What can you expect?

SINGER TO SONGWRITER ROADMAP is an eight week container, dedicated to writing and recording your song. You will focus on these three areas: Connecting to Your Song, Building Your Song, and finally Producing and Promoting Your Song.


Every week, a group of 10 or less will meet for group coaching where you will be able to get coached live and have all your questions answered. 


Once while going through the modules, there will be two weeks for implementation, one on one coaching, mentorship and support from Kirosha and producers on the team. By the end of the container, you will have written, recorded and promoted the release of your original song. 

Module 1: Finding Your Confidence

Establishing your purpose as a singer/songwriter is the foundation in order to know which direction to take in writing your songs. We’ll talk about where you want to take this gift and skill, breaking up with doubt, embracing the Artist Attitude, and what God says about Money & Ministry.


Module 2: Identifying your Audience/Find your songs purpose

If you don’t know why your song exists and who it’s targeting, you can end up going in circles and not getting anything done. In this module we’ll get down to the heart of your song and discuss who you want to speak to, what do you want to say, and why. What is God telling you about this person/message?


Module 3:Basic Building Blocks/Finding Your Style

Now that you have figured out your song’s purpose, it’s time to put it on paper. You might be familiar with the different parts of a song but it's time to go deeper into the building blocks for songwriting, and how and when to use them. We’ll talk about how lyrics and melody work together and how to overcome obstacles in those areas.


**1 week of implementation and 1 on 1 sessions**

During this implementation week you will take time to put your purpose and song blocks together to build your song. You can choose a partner from the class to work with. Kirosha will be available for support and will have a 1 on 1 session with you for feedback and walkthroughs.  


Module 4:Facing Feedback &  Working with a producer

Once your song is put together you will present your song to your peers and get feedback from them. Facing feedback is invaluable for developing as a songwriter and an artist. It also helps you to know if you are going in the right direction before you share your song with the world.

We will also discuss how to choose and communicate with a producer, review studio etiquette & working Virtually, and how to keep control of the process without hindering it. You’ll also get a chance to meet my producers to see who you would like to work with.


**1 week of implementation and 1 on 1 sessions**

During this 2nd implementation week you will complete any revisions of your song from your feedback, choose a producer to work with and meet with them along with Kirosha to go over your vision. The producer will work on your track right away!


Module 5: Recording Your vocals

The hard part is over! You’ve written the song, chosen a producer and successfully explained your vision. You are already a great singer so recording your vocals will be a piece of cake! This week is  more of a tech session. We’ll have a guest producer to cover Self recording vs studio recording, if you do prefer to self record, what tech you need to record vocals at home, audio files and more. We’ll also discuss how to write quality background vocal parts, when to record them yourself and when to outsource it so you get a professional quality sound. 



Module 6: Copywriting, Networking and song release


Now that your song is complete it’s time to get it out there. After all, what good is a great song if no one else will hear it? We will go through the copyright process together step by step and cover the importance of a music network and how to connect. Resources & Ideas to Building audience buzz for release



The Results



By the end of this eight week program, you will have written an amazing song, produced and recorded at professional level with a professional producer and promoted the release of your original song!  You will have dug deep into your songs purpose, creating clarity, focus, and effectiveness, learned and mastered song building blocks so you can build songs anytime,  experience working with a music producer and co-creating with a professional, and releasing a quality song that is powerful, infectious and not to mention, really easy on the ears. 


How it Works


Every Sunday,  there will be a group coaching session where we will go over the lesson and do some practicums.  You will also have a chance to ask all your burning questions from your homework from the week before.




Start date: January 17th 2022

End date: March 7th 2022




Payment Plan option 1: $1600 or 3 monthly payments of $600 which includes, training, coaching, production, and mix & mastering of 1 song.

Payment Plan option 2: $2,200 or 3 monthly payments of $800 which includes training, coaching, production, live instrumentation, background vocalist and mix & mastering of 1 song.