Singer To Songwriter Roadmap


Tired of singing cover songs?

Trust me, I get it. You're a GREAT singer, but you kinda want to sing your own stuff. You've dappled in writing but you always seem to get stuck. You can't get out of your own head and you're worried what others might think. You need a step by step process that will have you writing and sharing your music confidently EVERY TIME. Say no more!

Get your songs finished and production ready!

In 6 weeks,  you'll not only write your amazing song, but also record it and have it ready to share!

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Build your confidence,

  2. Write a great song from start to finish 

  3. Record it so it's ready to share with a colleague or producer

  4. Build your muscle of sharing your originals

Listening to Music on Phone

Who is this for?

Talented singers who:

  • Are ready to be taken seriously as an artist

  • Are tired of singing cover songs

  • Want to write powerful quality songs of their own

  • Are ready to take hold of their dream

This program will work for you even if:

  • You don't have a music theory background

  • You don't play an instrument

  • You don't feel like your prepared


Singer to Songwriter Roadmap is for singers who want to go to the next level!


What can you expect?

SINGER TO SONGWRITER ROADMAP is a six week container, dedicated to writing, recording, and sharing your song.

You will focus on these four areas:

  1. Building Your Confidence

  2. Building Your Song

  3. Building Your Reference

  4. Building Your Courage.


Every week, you'll have a 1 on 1 coaching call with me, Kirosha, where we will work on mastering each step of the  journey to becoming a confident and courageous songwriter with encouragement, guidance, and feedback the whole way through. 


You will have module workbooks that you can keep and reference throughout your artist journey.  

Building Your Confidence

Establishing your purpose as a singer/songwriter is the foundation in order to know which direction to take in writing your songs. We’ll talk about where you want to take this gift and skill, breaking up with doubt, and embracing the Artist Attitude.

Young Confident Woman

Identify your song's Audience/purpose

If you don’t know why your song exists and who it’s targeting, you can end up going in circles and not getting anything done. In this module we’ll get down to the heart of your song and discuss who you want to speak to, what do you want to say, and why. What is God telling you about this person/message?

Concert Crowd

Basic Building Blocks

Now that you have figured out your song’s purpose, it’s time to put it on paper. You might be familiar with the different parts of a song but it's time to go deeper into the building blocks for songwriting, and how and when to use them. We’ll talk about how lyrics and melody work together and how to overcome obstacles in those areas.

Music Writer

Recording Your Vocals

The hard part is over! You’ve written the song.

You are already a great singer so recording your vocals will be a piece of cake!


This week is  more of a tech session. We’ll discuss the different ways to record your song ideas and structure so you have a solid reference to share for feedback or production.

Recording Music

Facing Feedback

Once your song is put together you will present your song to your peers and get feedback from them.


Facing feedback is invaluable for developing as a songwriter and an artist.


It also helps you to know if you are going in the right direction before you share your song with a producer.

Music Recording

The Results

By the end of this six week program, you will have

  • dug deep into your artistic purpose, creating clarity, focus, and effectiveness

  • learned and mastered song building blocks so you can build songs anytime

  • practiced relaying ideas and concepts clearly through recording

  • and experienced the strength of support while sharing your work with others

Not to mention completing quality songs that have been on their dusty shelves for far too long! 

How it works

Every Week, there will be a 1 on 1 coaching session where we will go over the lesson and do some practicums. You will have workbook assignments that will really help solidify the concepts we are learning. I'll be available to answer all your burning questions a 

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