Tired of singing covers?

Singer to Songwriter Roadmap

Fulfill God's purpose for your gift

Finally finish your original songs

In 6 weeks,  you'll not only write your amazing song...

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Overcome the fear and doubt that causes writer's block

  2. Write a great song from start to FINISH

  3. Record your music so it's ready to share with a colleague or producer

  4. Build your muscle of sharing your originals

Listening to Music on Phone

El'Myhrre's Transformation

Who is this for?

Talented singers who:

  • Are ready to be taken seriously as an artist

  • Are tired of singing cover songs

  • Want to share their own story  with powerful quality songs of their own

  • Are ready to follow God's call on their life. 

This program will work for you even if:

  • You don't have a music theory background

  • You don't play an instrument

  • You don't feel like your prepared


All you need is your story and your voice!


The Results

By the end of this six week program, you will have

  • dug deep into your artistic purpose, creating clarity, focus, and effectiveness

  • learned and mastered song building blocks so you can build songs anytime

  • practiced relaying ideas and concepts clearly through recording

  • and experienced the strength of support while sharing your work with others

Not to mention completing quality songs that have been on their dusty shelves for far too long! 

Recording Music
Music Writer

How it works

Every Week, there will be a 1 on 1 coaching session with Kirosha, a singer/songwriter with over 15 years of experiencer.  She'll walk you through her 4 step process for writing, recording, and sharing your original music. 

You're not just learning how to write a song, but how to become a SONGWRITER for the Kingdom of God.