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Praise on Purpose

Worship Leader Edition

A master class on How to Unlock the Power of praise & Worship

"I absolutely loved the "Praise On Purpose workshop with Kirosha! It gave me a different perspective on what praise and worship is to be and how to prepare myself as a worship leader. I've been singing for years and it was not until I took the workshop that I realized what i had been lacking and the importance of allowing God's presence, not only when you minister but also in preparing to minister. I would definitely recommend this workshop"

-Sheila Sterling


“Working with Kirosha as a praise leader has been a blessing. She knows exactly how to connect to the audience. She is able to improvise and feel the mood of the congregation helping them to move into a place of worship. She has great musicality and a beautiful voice. She makes it easy for the congregation to engage in her praise sets and demonstrates a deep understanding that worship is about the collective meeting and praising God, and not about creating an individual concert experience."

-lana Joyce Cady, music director

Presented by Kirosha Sidelca,
Founder & CEO at Kirosha Voice & Music.

After having spent over 20 years leading worship around the U.S. and different parts of the world, Kirosha is dedicated to teaching upcoming Worship Leaders all that she has learned through her experience, training, and study of the true purpose and power of worship.

In this Master Class we will cover

Young Businesswomen

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Nov. 5th 3-6pm est


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The Praise On Purpose Master Class presented by Kirosha was educational, eye opener, and very clearly explained. More workshops like these should be done, not just for worship leaders but for the church in general

- Evelyn Santana

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