Song Writer

Sing unto the Lord a NEW song! Kirosha can help give your group, choir, or yourself new life with a new song. She can also write theme songs for your church, conference or even your summer camp or vacation Bible school. A theme song is a great way to brand your event or organization's purpose and to keep it in remembrance.

Evangelistic Crusade Music Minister

Have Kirosha help Increase the impact of your campaign with great music from a skilled singer and experienced minister. Prepare hearts for the Word with inspiring and moving songs that feed the soul.

Wedding Singer

Make your special day extra special with beautiful live music. Imagine your favorite love song as you walk down the aisle or even a live band for your reception entertaining all your friends and family. It’s sure to make your day unforgettable!

Praise & Worship Leader

At your next concert, conference, or evangelistic campaign, Kirosha can bring the worship experience to the next level. P&W is the connection that helps prepare the heart to receive the word of God.

Concert Organization

Planning a worship filled, entertaining, timely concert is my specialty. Are you finding your concerts to be too long, too short, or simply not uplifting? Do you have many awkward moments or it just doesn’t run smooth? Does the concert fail to have purpose, and experience easily forgotten? Kirosha can help you with that. We've been to too many disappointing concerts that had so much potential. Kirosha can help you keep the momentum of worship by eliminating distractions and bringing ministry back to the purpose of such events.